Laser Marking

Engraving might seem a little too extreme for some people, but the good news is that we have a mild alternative that will satisfy anybody. 

Laser marking is almost the same as slapping a sticker or tattooing a person, meaning that it serves more as a surface painting than a deep-ridged engraving. A specialized galvo laser is used to basically melt the surface of the object, resulting in color change within the material, but no surface modification by corrugations or burrs.

Laser marks are achieved by slowly moving low-powered beams across the surface, thus creating high-contrast marks without disrupting the material. The beam heats the surface, causing oxidation and turning it black. The laser redistributes the carbon in the material to create pitch-dark shapes, and if done correctly there will be no oxidation or rusting even under autoclaving or salt spray tests.

This method is mostly used to mark various industrial items, such as surgical tools, information signs and microprocessors. Laser marking is also incredibly popular when it comes to making unique jewellery and watches. Actually, this is probably the least invasive and fastest way to personalize any surface, ranging from wooden, plastic to metal objects.

We’ve been perfecting the delicate craft of laser marking for years. And today we take pride in carrying out even the most sophisticated projects that require the eye of a real master. Our company has the capacity to produce laser markings in large quantities, so if you’re thinking of bulk orders – don’t hesitate to give us a call!