Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a real game changer when it comes to treating various materials. 

It’s cheap and effective, meaning that lasers don’t need any extra add-ons or cutting molds, so you end up saving a lot of time and cash. Lasers offer surgically-precise cuts for just about any material – whether it’s paper, plastic, wood or metal, our technology works like a hot knife through butter. Speed and flawless precision is what we take pride in.


Wood is a highly flexible material that is very easy to shape into your desired project, especially when using a laser. You end up having perfectly cut lines with distinctive sharp edges that are smooth to the touch and pretty to look at. The heat might even color up the edges – depending on the settings and wood type, expect to get anything from light brown to chocolate dark. Plywood is probably the best option for cutting, but no problem if you have something thicker. Lasers are powerful enough to get even through oak, maple or birch sheets. Want to make something special for your loved ones? We suggest cutting out souvenirs, jewellery, toys, furniture or even intricate decorations for your own household.


Paper is the perfect material for creating simple yet memorable gifts. A few razor-sharp cuts can turn boring pieces of paper into unique birthday cards, business cards, party invitations or patterned book covers. Lasers are able to cut out even the smallest of details, including letters, numbers, perforated ornaments; we can even make you a cardboard model for your new architectural project. Since paper is so thin, it’s very easy to get precise cuts – you end up having clear and distinguishable shapes. No burn marks.


Probably the most used and popular substance on the planet. It’s difficult to even imagine a world without plastic pens, bottles or various electronic devices. However, the good news is that you don’t need specialized equipment anymore to shape plastic into your desired object. A well-set laser is all you need to get through polycarbonate, polyamide, acryl and various other plastic compounds. The trick is set the right heat and wavelength, and you’re good to go – the powerful laser beam will cut through the material and produce sleek, melted edges. The corners will be even, but not sharp. Since plastic is so durable and malleable, you can produce just about anything from home appliances to stunning decorative elements. A real favourite among interior designers and artists.


People have always craved leather goods, whether it’s clothes, shoes or various accessories. Leather is quality. Leather ir luxury. But in order to achieve best quality, you need to have the right tools – and this is where lasers are once again here to help. Traditional tools, such as scissors, can easily wrinkle up the leather and produce uneven cuts, whereas lasers don’t come in contact with the material. You get perfectly cut lines, beautiful melted corners, and intricate patterns without damaging the surface of the leather. Lasers can cut any type of leather – whether it’s real, fake or dyed, it doesn’t make much of a difference.


Lasers can easily cut through any type of fabric, both natural and synthetic. However, natural fabrics might need some extra work, since the corners tend to break up after the procedure, whereas synthetic materials melt up nicely around the edges. We can do anything from single cuts to more sophisticated decorations. Whether you need your jeans shortened up, or some snowflakes and flowers cut out on a tablecloth, we will partake even the most ambitious projects and deliver results in a timely manner.